• Create community and Support in your family through Restorative Practices and Family Circle Activities
  • Be curious. Be courageous. Give Choices

  • Look for Superpowers – Appreciate yourself & your  family members’ strengths

  • Create connection- learn to listen to yourself & your family

  • Experiment with new strategies for problem solving

  • Explore possibilities for your family

  • Grow strong children with Intentional Play

Family Empowerment Workshop

Join us for a lively discussion of strategies that work at home. Invite your family to play, laugh, and try new ways to connect with each other. 

Your results – increased resilience through superpower appreciation. Every family is strong and caring, we appreciate you and want to hear your story and challenges.



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CRB book sets for resiliency

We are excited to have access to these Resilience Book Lists which were created in partnership with Rediscovered Books in Boise, Idaho.

These book themes, organized by age groups, are dedicated to connecting children and parents to resources for health, healing, and inclusivity.